Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Feeling Nautical

Living an hour away from the Pacific Ocean is such a treat for us. We are able to zip over on the weekend, enjoy the salty air and a wonderful clam chowder for lunch. My Mum is coming for a visit soon, so an excursion to the beach is on the agenda. We sometimes like to walk on the beach down to the water in Lincoln City where you can find fossils, sand dollars, and other kinds of treasures from the sea. We'll probably drive out to Depoe Bay and do a some whale watching too.  I like to go through all the nick-nack shops to see what's new and if there is a treasure that I can't live with out. I will most likely add another Oregon Coast sweatshirt to my collection. Then we'll go for a nice lunch at a restaurant near by; Gracie's Sea Hag is a favorite, or we'll go back to Lincoln City and eat at Kyllo's, another favorite .  Afterward, it's shopping at the outlet mall.  By the time we've gone around to all the stores, the day is finished and it's time to head for home.

My KEEPer for that trip will be Nautical themed (of course!)  

The Single Leather Band in Pebbled Emerald/Navy, the Silver Pavé Heart, the Silver Anchor, and the Silver Pavé Starfish.  Super cute!!

I am so looking forward to seeing my Mum and having a day at the beach!

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xo Sammy

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