Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fur-babies & Lockets

My Hubby and I are very fortunate to have had two of the most wonderful fur-babies in our lives. We adopted two adorable Pug puppies, whom we named Emma (on the left) and Gracie (on the right).  They were so freaking adorable when they were puppies and have brought such incredible joy and unwavering love into our lives. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our Gracie 6 years ago; it was the most devastating and heartbreaking thing we have ever had to do.  Emma is still with us; she'll be twelve in November and is the most spoiled dog in the world (okay, there might be one or two others that spoil their fur-baby too!) Even though she's got cataracts, starting to lose her hearing, going gray and hates to go for a walk, she still has plenty of good years left in her.  

KEEP Collective has some beautiful Key Lockets in their collection.  I have the Silver Envelope Locket and found a lovely picture of the girls.  It was at Christmas and they were both hanging out under the tree; looking ever so innocent.  I'm pretty sure that was shortly before Gracie ate the feathers off of one of the Angels.  One of my favorites!

I found the measurements at my KEEP webstore for the size the picture needed to be and printed it out.  Very tiny, but what a beautiful sight when the envelope is opened.

I put it on my Blush/Champagne Single Leather Band and added a Silver Heart and Silver Paw to frame the Envelope.  Beautiful!  A very special way to pay tribute to the fur-babies in our lives.  Our dogs have their paw prints on our hearts; forever and always.

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xo Sammy

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